At T&H Manufacturing, we are honored to be the choice you make for your production needs; from prototypes to high volume, we have the capacity and capabilities to meet your requirements.



Milling Equipment

MMC System

Capable of:

  • Does the work of 6 stand-alone horizontal mills.
  • Reduces physical labor by 33 percent.
  • Eliminates setup times.
  • Efficiencies gained improve production by up to 30%.

Benefits to you, the customer:

  • Runs multiple jobs concurrently
  • Shortens cycle times and reduces lead-times
  • Improves part quality
  • (Helps to) provide more competitive part costs

Sub-Assemblies and Contract Manufacturing

  • We provide turn-key manufacturing
  • Pressure test and leak test services (available upon request)

Supply Chain

Screw Machines

Turning Equipment

* Calipers, Micrometers, 3 points Mic., Digital high gage. We have various secondary operations equipment including drill presses, tapping head. We also have all types of deburring tools.



  • With the utilization of our MMC system, we can manufacture orders with quantities ranging from 100-2000 parts per month, dependent only upon the part’s intricacies.

ERP Software

  • We use Shoptech’s E2 ERP software to generate orders efficiently and track them seamlessly until they are shipped.

Insertion Machine